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What is anal beads? Characteristic of anal beads? Step by step process to use the anal beads? Cautions?

What is anal beads?

What is anal beads?

Today the use of sex toy increase day by day In India. There are many types of sex toys available in the online market. Anal beads are also the type of sex toy that is used by any gender men, women, gays, lesbians, etc. Anal beads are anal sex toys because it can stimulate the anus. Some users are using anal beads after anal douching and used enema because the clean anus is good for the use of the anal beads. People are use sex lubricants with anal beads for more pleasure and excitement. Some experienced users are use anal sex toy with anal beads.

Anal beads are used for anal pleasure. Anal beads have some small balls which are attached. Most of the beginner users are used anal beads for anal sexual activity. Anal beads are available in the market in different varieties of sizes. The size of the bolls has different from the anal beads. The diameter of the bolls is generally between 25mm to 125mm. The average size of the bolls of the anal beads is 45mm which is mostly used by users.

Characteristic of anal beads?

Characteristic of anal beads?

Anal beads are very famous in India because the use of the anal beads are very easy by anyone. Most of the users are use anal beads with bdsm-sex-toy because we can say the anal beads are the part of bdsm sex toys. Many type of bdsm sex toy are easily available in the online market such as SM sex toy, handcuffs,chastity belt,spankers ticklers, etc. Anal beads are the best anal sex toy for everyone. anal beads are made by any material, silicone, plastic, glass, etc. So users can select any type of anal beads for their needs and requirement easily by the knowledge. Anal beads are available in different types like some type of anal beads have continues bolls attached and some anal beads have some gap between to bolls that why the use of the anal beads is more comfortable by the user. Most of the users are likes the design of the anal beads and feel good to use it.

Step by step process to use the anal beads?

Step by step process to use the anal beads?

Anal beads are the most useable anal sex toy by people because anal beads give erotic feelings during anal sexual activity. But you should keep some important things while using anal beads. Follow some step are-

step1 - clean the anal and toy

First, you clean the anal beads before the use of anal beads for anal sexual activity. It is necessary to clean your sex toy first. You can use some washing reagent to wash anal beads sex toy. Many types of washing reagents are available in the online market easily so you can prefer suitable reagents to wash your anal sex toy in proper ways.

After clean your anal toy you should clean your anal with proper manner and suitable douches. Many types of anal douches and enema are easily available in the market. Never used the harmful liquid for anal douching otherwise you can face some problems and damage in the anus. You can try any anal douching liquid with suitable equipment if you need any equipment.

step 2 - prefer anal lube of good quality

Yes, we should prefer anal lube of good quality using anal beads because without lubricant the use of anal beads is painful. Beginners are most use of lubricants during anal sexual activity and anal masturbation. Lubricants are not only good for smooth and soft anal sex but also good for sensational feeling. Those people who are use lubricant while using anal sex toy get more pleasure and stimulation but some people do not use suitable lube while during the anal sexual activity they cannot much happy. Only the use is of lube not considerable for physical satisfaction. Using best or good quality lubricant is the way to get full physical satisfaction in anal sexual activity.

step 3 - prefer condom

Anal sexual activities are some painful but use of some object that sexual activity has become pleasurable. Some people prefer condoms during anal sexual activity because condom given best sexual feeling for men and women also. Condoms are remove friction and making smooth surface of near genital area. There are many type of condoms are avaible in the market. You can prefer suitable condom with your choice and needs. Some women are like flavoured condom so they can use any type of flavoured condom.

step 4 - Use anal beads for penetration

Now you are ready to use anal beads for anal sexual activity and masturbation. According to type, you can use anal beads with suitable lubricants and condoms. If you are using close bolls type anal beads then first apply a lot of lubricant on the genital area then use slowly inject it. If you are using away bolls type of anal beads inserts into the anus one by one boll with carefully. Don't insert the number of bolls at the same time otherwise its can hurting for you.



We know that anal beads are most used by people for anal stimulation and masturbation. Many anal toy are easily avaible in the online market as well as anal beads also avaible. We can buy easily sex toys in India. There are some cautions keep in your mind-

First choose suitable anal beads for beginners and experts.

Don't use anal beads without any lubricants.

Don't use a large size of anal beads for the first time.

Don't use made by metal anal beads.

Always wash before and after use anal beads.

Placed at a suitable place, keep separate from children's.