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What is SM blindfolds? Basic things you should about bondage blindfolds before SM play.

What is SM blindfolds?

What is SM blindfolds?

SM blindfolds is most of basic BDSM toys when it comes to bondage or role play. It can be used by beginners as well as experts. Couples can add a sensual surprise in their SM play and excite the romantic mood by restrict the visual sense. Yes, SM blindfolds is used over eyes to restrict partner's sight to tease and pleasure them. The one who restrict is freedom to do their act on the one who get blindfolded. The master partner control the whole situation and arouse each other mood for the better sexual play.

Blindfold is a piece of soft fabric with a tying rope. The main fabric cover the eyes and ropes goes around the head to hold it. Blindfold sex restrict the sight sense but activate the other sensitive sense like smell, taste, touch and hearing.

SM blindfolds are in light bondage practices. Even beginner can use it. If you are beginner and want to came in the SM world, then blindfolds is perfect for you. It is easy to use and easy to carry. Couples can use blindfold with their sex toys like handcuffs, mouth gag, chastity belts, spankers & ticklers, rope bondage, etc

Different types of SM Blindfolds for SM play?

Different types of SM Blindfolds for SM play?

SM blindfold is first choice for SM lover. There are different types of blindfolds are available in market for them according to material. Various soft material are used by manufacturer to fulfill the couples needs. Different material are available because people have allergic to some kind of material. Due to variety, people have option to pick their desire one.

Cotton Blindfolds

Cotton is soft and textured fabric. It is easy to use and stay at the place. It is suitable for the long SM play. User does not required to knot its again.

Nylon Blindfolds

Nylon Blindfolds is synthetic material. It is suitable for those, who have allergic to cotton or silk. It is not too expensive.

Silk blindfolds

Silk is one of expensive blindfolds, but it is extreme soft to use. It does not cause any rashes on the skin. Due to its softness, it required knot again and again.

Why couples like blindfolds sex?

Why couples like blindfolds sex?

The reason why men and women like blindfold sex is that the blindfold restrict the visual sense and heightened the other sense of smell, touch, feel, taste. The touch of fingers get more amplified now and work first in blindfolds. The scrolling fingers on the waist or kissing side on the neck is more powerful this time. The one who enjoy physical sensations and find pleasure in it, blindfold perfect for them. The sensitive nerve get more active. Blindfolding partner is free to stimulate and tease by their own, their partner can't see what he/she is doing? what he/she will do? Blindfolded partner just have to wait and enjoy it.

Things you should about before blindfolds

Things you should about before blindfolds

Here I am give you some of tips that can mention your blindfold sex spice up.

• Men are more rely on the visual act, so blindfold the men partner is not happening. Men blindfold decrease the arousal in them. Instead, blindfold the women. Women fantasies easily with restrict visually and likewise men can boost their arousal.

• Eliminate other sense like sound, touch, taste, etc can heighten the excitement in S & M play. Use earplugs to restrict the sound. It heighten the excitement. Couples sound use different texture things to activate sensitive nerve like feathers, fur, ticklers, spankers, etc.

• Wearing a blindfolds is not dangerous even for beginners. It is one of easiest and light bondage toys. But some people feel comfortable, who has claustrophobic. If you are one of them, you should consider it.

• Your selected blindfold should not be snug. Extra tightness put pressure on the eyes and nose and can leave marks. It can be painful for your ears too. You should go with comfortable blindfold only. It is not only for blindfolds, you should consider it in every SM sex toys.

• There are lot of people find excitement in blindfold and number of user loves to use it in even in extreme bondage play. according to the latest survey, 69% people agreed that they loved to implement blindfold in their SM play. Among couples, 27% of women and 19% percent of men said that they use blindfolds and mask in their sexual life.

• If you do not want to spend money for restricting visual sense, then couples can go with soft fabric as well. Nylon and silk scarves can work for you. It is soft and even do not harm you

• Make sure room is safe. It is sadism partner responsibility that their Masochism partner do not get hurt in anyway. Masochism is one who get blindfold, make sure she/he do not bump into anything and hurt yourself. Eliminate the unnecessary things for your SM room.