Exciting Hindi life with SM sex toy

Handcuff?, Various option in Bondage cuffs?, Precaution?



Handcuff is the toys are BDSM toys. These toys are used in the increased pleasure of sex. These toys are worn on the hand of females. The hands of the female partner are tie by the handcuff. And these are worn for making sex spicy. Then both partners are feeling the pleasure of the sex. These sex toys are made for experienced users. If peoples have lots of sex experience. Then these peoples are using these sex toys. Now many peoples are don’t know about these toys. But don’t worry I will provide you complete information about these toys.

Handcuff is the hand tie toy for females. In the general language. These are the hand catching toy. We know that. When the police come to any criminal house. Then policemen have arrested the criminal with the help of the handcuff. Similarly, females want these types of pleasure. And the couples are using these toys on the beds. For the increasing pleasure of the sex. Couples are want to be maximum pleasure in the sex.

These couples are using these toys for the trill in the sex. These couples are going on a bed for sex. And these couples are thinking about sex before doing sex. And these are stating foreplay with handcuff. Firstly these are staring at the kissing. And other activities. And then after that, these couples are taking the use of these handcuffs. Males are tie hands of the females. And these handcuffs are a tie on the bed. Then the hand of females are not coming in the use. Now males use doing the foreplay. some time males provide the love touches to females. And get the pleasure of the sex. But sometimes males are using painful methods for sex. There are males are provide the pain to the females. And females are taking the pleasure of these painful sex. There are males are provide torture to the females. These males are given the pain to the female's body. In which these peoples provide the pain to females' body parts. There are males press the boobs of the females. And give slaps on the butt of the females. Some time females feel very much pain. But females take it a pleasure. Some time this handcuff is used in the same sex. Many males partners are doing sex with common females. And many other ways where handcuff is using.

Various option in Bondage cuffs

Various option in Bondage cuffs

Bondage is the sex toy for increasing the pleasure of the sex-these are used by the couples to get the trill in the sex. These are worn on the hand. These handcuffs come with these varieties. And pleasure users. And peoples are also getting the pleasure of these toys.

Handcuffs/Wrist cuffs

These handcuffs are called wrist cuffs. Because these handcuffs are worn on the writ of the users. And these handcuffs have two cuffs. These cuffs are joint in series. And the female is wearing the handcuff on the hand. And get the pleasurable sex by use of this handcuff. Females are wearing these handcuffs in hand then the hand of the females are bock or bondage. And males are holding these handcuffs to a point like a door. And take the pleasure able position for the sex. Then these males take pleasure in sex. And the females also take pleasure in these toys.


Legcuffs are also called as ankle cuff. These are different from the handcuff. Handcuffs are worn on the hand or the increasing pleasure of the sex. But these legcuffs are wearing on the ankles. Some time peoples are wearing these toys on the knee. But these toys are made for the ankles. Couples are worn these leg cuffs on the ankles. And these toys contain a chain. these a chain provide the movement to users some time peoples are wearing the handcuffs. Then these peoples do not move to another direction. Because the hand of the users are bondage. But these legcuffs have a long chain. and peoples are wearing these legcuffs. Then these peoples are moving easily. And getting the pleasure of these toys.


Fingercuff is also called thumb cuff. These are wearing on the finger or thumb. Peoples have worn these toys for increasing the pleasure of sex. These cuffs have produced the force on the finger. So before wearing, these cuffs make sure that you are ready for these cuffs. These cuffs are not famous. Most of the peoples are taking interest In the handcuff or legcuffs. And get the pleasure of the sex by these toys.



These handcuffs are very much advanced sex toys for users. And peoples are getting very much pleasure from these toys. These are pleasured users. But some time peoples are not using the precaution for these toys. Then these toys are produced harm for the users. For the better pleasure use precaution for the pleasure. Sometimes these are product pain in hand then remove these handcuffs.

These are not for the new couples so don’t try these handcuffs.

Always feel pleasure but give the rest to your hand.

These are multiple usable toys. So keep put these toys in a safe place.

After use put these toys in the sex toys bags.

There don’t use water to keep safe. Because these are made by metal so these make the chemical reactions. So put these toys in a safe place.