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What is sex handcuffs? How to use hand cuffs in handcuffed sex.Find intresting with to use handcuffs sex toy

What is Sex handcuffs and Its purpose? Different sex position with handcuffs?

What is Sex handcuffs and Its purpose? Different sex position with handcuffs?

Sex Handcuffs is a sm sex toy where partners use it while having BDSM sex. The act will be execute on the hands of partner. Most probably hand cuffs are used on female's hands by male partners. Females enjoy the BDSM sex after they got bounded by their partner. The sexual encounter becomes so steamy into the bedroom with handcuffs. Handcuffs sex toy is an amazing sex toy for having variation in personal sex life.

Couples widely use handcuffs as a BDSM toy instead of rope. Male partners bind hands with handcuffs of their female partner as usually to make sexual encounter more sensual and erotic. Handcuff works as a rope but there is only difference between rope and handcuff. Ropes are lengthier in size but handcuffs are smaller in size. Handcuff has chain between both bands. Handcuffed sex gives a sex chain play to couples.

SM handcuffs enhance the sex play. Handcuffs sex will be awesome for partners when partner bind the both hands of opposite partner. Couples can find different handcuffs for sex so couples may use according to their hands. There will be a lock system to lock the handcuffs while playing with it. The sensation becomes so high and couples really get passionate with handcuffs sex toys use.

You can try this sex positions with handcuffs like up in the bed, free rein, etc.

Try once these different sex position with handcuffs

Type of sex handcuffs.

Type of sex handcuffs.

There are various types of sex handcuffs available for people to use in BDSM sex. Handcuff sex are widely prefer by couples to take pleasure into bedroom. Some of the most common handcuffs used by the people are - chain handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, rigid handcuffs, solid bar handcuffs, waist chains etc.

Chain handcuffs

Chain handcuffs are widely chosen among other kind of handcuffs by couples for steamy and erotic intercourse session. The handcuffs are connected firmly with chain link. Chain handcuffs is also used in law enforcement by police for everyday arrest.

Hinged handcuffs

Hinged handcuffs are almost similar to chain handcuffs but the only difference is this handcuff is attached by large hinge. This type of handcuffs is more secure.

Rigid handcuffs

Rigid handcuffs are the blended flavor of chain handcuffs and hinged handcuffs. The handcuff has metal block or a bar to connect both cuffs. It is also uses to dealing criminals when they are resisting.

Solid bar handcuffs

Solid bar handcuffs are shorter in size, a leather made strip connects both cuffs rigorously. This handcuff cannot be fold by people in half when they carrying. Materials are mostly iron or any kind of metal has been used for manufacturing these handcuffs. These handcuffs are strong and unbreakable with its design. Couples may use particular handcuff according to their preference or their hands. They should use according to size of their hands.

Waist chains

Waist chains are used for the people who do not bring their hands higher or lower than their belly. The handcuffs are connected with the chain. The user can easily wear the chain in their waist.


Metal handcuffs

There are many handcuffs is available which is made with the metal. The metal which is used to make the handcuffs are like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc. All these metals are either high quality or medical grade so it is safe for the skin. Metal handcuffs are generally linked with the chain.

Feather handcuffs

Feather handcuffs are very soft. It is generally recommended for beginner users. Feather handcuffs are designed in such a manner that it looks very sexy. It is available in varieties of color, shape, and textures.

Rubber handcuffs

Rubber handcuffs is designed in such a manner that it is very comfortable. The rubber handcuffs are connected with the chain or rubber. Most of the rubber handcuffs are stretchable so the user can easily use it according to their wrists size.

How to use any BDSM toy or Handcuffs sex toy

How to use any BDSM toy or Handcuffs sex toy

Whenever using any kind of BDSM toy or BDSM sex, make sure first to do research about particular BDSM toy or read about it properly for getting to know working. If do not take proper information about product you may not be capable to use the particular BDSM toy. Use products only in the presence of your partner because these all BDSM toys are made especially for couples to enjoy into the bedroom together. These BDSM toys or handcuffs are not designed for solo sex purpose so it is advisable to enjoy it with your partner.

It is most important and essential as well that BDSM toys or handcuffs sex toy should not use forcefully on body. If you make any forceful act then pleasure becomes reduce and hurts your body as well as your genitals a lot. If making any forceful action while using then skin may get discolored and rashes or swelling may occur also on the body skin. So it is advisable to use BDSM toys or handcuffs slowly and take pleasure calmly.

One more thing that wash handcuffs with clean water and wipe it up with cotton. It is mandatory so do not forget. At last put this stuff into a safe and dark place so nobody will get it anyhow. It is also essential that use these handcuffs after cleansing properly. Make sure no water drops should be present on the surface of handcuff because if water drops will be there then stuff will be rusted.

4 interesting way to use sex handcuff to enhance the handcuffed sex

4 interesting way to use sex handcuff to enhance the handcuffed sex
  • Handcuff both hand in front of you, so you can even stimulate the clitoris with hand when your partner gives thrust to you. Bring soft handcuffs for sex, so you cannot feel pain.

  • Take your handcuffs sex toy and tie both hands in back of you, so partner can hold the chain and manage the control while having the doggy style sex position. Make sure, you have a pillow in front of you so your head do not band on the floor.

  • Handcuffs one wrist to one end of handcuffs sex toy and partner’s wrist with another end. And try to get new hand sex position. You both partners are restricted and active in the handcuff sex, so it might be little challenge for you.

  • Make your handcuffed sex more interesting outside the bedroom. Try handcuff sex by restrict yourself to the railing of the stairs and have an intercourse there. It will be new and interesting for you to try.

Handcuffs sex toy are recommended for couple's handcuffed sex

Handcuffs sex toy are recommended for couple's handcuffed sex

Handcuffs are very amazing to use with sex partner. Couple should try sex with handcuffs. It offers great variation into personal sexual life. These handcuffs are especially dedicated to couples for their enjoyment. Handcuffs are used with partner only not in solo. If couples tired off with other sex toys then they may use BDSM toys or handcuffs to improve their personal sexual life.

Handcuffs are completely water proof that allows users to use in presence of water. It is good in durability and easy in portable so couples may bring it anywhere. Handcuffs are affordable by everyone so it can be use any time for taking blissful sensation with partner into the bedroom.

Emphasis an unforgettable SM sex with restricting SM toys like handcuffs

Emphasis an unforgettable SM sex with restricting SM toys like handcuffs

Many women fantasize that one day they will try the SM toys like handcuffs, blindfolds, etc bondage toys in restricting play with the partner. Women love to dominant by their male partner and act as masochism. It has some of excitement and emphasis the more stimuli in the sexual life. If you really want to try an unforgettable SM sex with him with full of pleasure, you can go with the handcuffs sex and blindfold sex, and more.

A set of handcuffs and blindfolds is good.

If you are thinking to try handcuffs sex with eye mask and restrained handcuffs, it is better to go with a set of both.

MOEKO-s cant move (eyemask&cuffs)

These set of restrained toys is cute to use in handcuff sex. The leopard print is liked by most of peoples. For the sex handcuffs, dress your partner with both. Tie both hands or legs with the leopard handcuffs and enable the visual sight with blindfold. It is easy to use because it is Velcro type. Adjust the length and tightness so the dominant partner feels comfortable.

Quick handcuff pair.

When handcuffing takes too much time, it can be mood breaker. Yes, if a handcuff takes a much time to wear it on either wrist or ankle, mood can be spoil. Or you just want to embrace it as soon as possible.

Pekka - Inspector Handcuffs

It is made by silicone material, so just need to tap it on the hand or ankle. These handcuffs immediately go around the hand and ankles and gives quickly handcuffed ready hand or leg. It takes just a second to begin the handcuffs sex.