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What is sex lubricant? Types of sex lubricant. Where to buy sex lubricants in India?

What is sex lubricant?

What is sex lubricant?

Sex lubricant is a type of lubricant which is given us good pleasure in sexual activity. we can also say that lubricant is a part of intercross. with the help of lubricant decrease the friction which is produced during sex. Sex lubricants are a special type of lubricant.

If you don't use lubricant while during sexual activity, you must use it because you can get good experience for sexual sensation. lubricant can be used by anyone like men, women, gays, and lesbians also. A user can be select any type of lubricant for their choice and needs. lubricants are many types and they are not harmful to humans bodies. Many types of lubricants are available in the market such that water-based lubricant, silicone-based lubricant, oil-based lubricant, flavor lubricant, warming lubricant, natural lubricant, etc.

We can use lubricants with all types of sex toys such as Men's sex toys, Women's sex toys, Gay and lesbian sex toys. Lubricants are also used in the masturbation of women and men.

Types of sex lubricant

Types of sex lubricant

There are many types of sex lubricants that we can use according to our choice and need. Sex lubricants are used in all types of sex toys such as dildos, masturbators, massagers, etc. We can easily order sex lubricants online. We can order sex lubricant according to our requirements. Because today sex lubricants of every type are present in the market are available at very low prices.

Type of sex lubricant:

Multipurpose sex lubricant -

We can use multi-purpose sex lubricants in any way. This type of lubricant does not specify a single-gender. The user mostly used lubricants with homemade dildo.

Silicone lubes -

The main integrant used in silicon lube is silicone. Silicone lubes mostly used by Indians for increasing own sex duration in sexual activity. Silicon lube does not dissolve in water so it can be used in pools and bedrooms. Silicone lubes can be used for a long time as they do not dry up. Silicone lubes mainly used in anal sex or anal masturbation for any kind of gender.

Silicone lubes are very strong lubricants as compare to any other type of lubricant. Because they generate a lot of excitement in sexual activity. When Silicone-based lubricants used then we should have some precaution because it can be harmful to us. When you have used silicone-based sex toys for sexual activity then don't use silicone lubes because they can make some chemical reaction which is harmful to our body.

Type of Silicone lubes:

• Oil type
• High viscosity type
• Hybrid type

Lubes for Men-

Lubes for men means that some type of lubricants used by especially for men can say men's lubricants. Some type of personal lubricants and a special type of lubricants are in it. The different types of lubricants are used for a different purpose. The users can use lubricant with vibrators, dildos or sex toys. Users can use anal sex toy easily with lubricants . Vagina produces lubricant but anal cannot produce lubricant so in anal sex or anal masturbation needs lubricants.

Lubes for lady -

Maximum ladies used homemade or natural lubricant while they doing intercross and masturbation but today the modern age so there are many special types of lubricants available for women. Women are very shay so they cannot express own sexual fillings and they cannot fully satisfy with their partner. But don't worry there are many types of sex lubricants provider in India with the help they can easily enjoying own sexual life. Women can be used in this type of lubricant with dildo sex toys and vibrators. Many types of dildo for women available in the online market.

Anal lubes -

Anal lubes or anal lubricants means the lubricants which are used by a user in anal sex or anal masturbation. They are a special type of personal lubricant that is used by any gender. Anal sex is very hard to sex in India because it can be a little painful but using anal lubes users can enjoy fully. Anal lubes are available in different types in the Online market like they can be oil-based lubes, water-based lubes, or silicone-based lubes, etc. Users can use lubricants with anal-sex-toys so they can get more pleasure during sexual activity.

Water based Lubes -

Water-Based lubes or lubricants mostly used by a user in sexual activity and moisturizer. Water-based lubes are mainly made by water so they cannot harmful to any type of body or skin. water-based lubricants are personal lubricants and they can be easily purchased by any person.

Flavoured lubes-

Flavoured lubes can be used during sexual intercross to get more excitement and pleasure. Flavoured lubes works such as manner like other sex lubricants. It is used for we can make a beautiful sex environment. It can be used with dildos, vibrators, anal toys, etc. Flavoured lubes can be used by men, women, gays, and lesbians.

Where to buy sex- lubricants in India?

Where to buy sex- lubricants in India?

We can easily buy sex lubricants in India by the Online market. Many types of sex lubricants available on online websites. We can buy sex lubricants to own choice and also according to body needs. We can also order online website to buy bdsm sex toys,bondage sex toys,handcuffs , sadistic ,bdsm-sex-toy, men penis cage , etc.